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Where is your exact location?


Check out how to get to SUBIC location!

Do you have a hotel?


Inflatable Island Subic doesn't have onsite accommodations but we do have Bali lounge and Dining Pavilion. 

Small tables on the Bali Lounge can accommodate 4pax maximum and Long tables can accommodate 6pax maximum for a first come, first serve basis. Inclusive on all of the play passes.


You can also check our recommended hotels around our area in our Hotel List.  

Do you have a minimum age and height requirement?

There is no minimum age and height restriction for pool entrance, however adult supervision (1 adult to 1 child) is strictly required for both pool and Inflatable Island. Participants in the Inflatable Island must be at least 3.5 feet tall.

Can we bring outside food or drinks?

We are sorry, no outside food or drinks are allowed


Yes, we do! This can only be bought upon arrival on our Subic location.

How deep is the water?

The depth of the Inflatable Island ranges from 4-20 feet. We require everyone to use life vests, and recommend having an ability to swim. Don't worry if you do not though, we have life guards on duty at all times and life vests are required at all times.

Heigh Requirement

We accept all ages to enter the resort!

The same rates apply to kids and adults but we do have a height requirement, please be informed that only 3.5 feet and above are allowed to play and access the inflatable island playground with adult supervision required at all times.

Kids 3.4 feet and under are NOT allowed to play or access the Inflatable Island playground. They may enter the resort and enjoy the beach for FREE.



Are life jackets provided?

Life jackets are provided only for the activities we administer, including: WATER PARK, paddle boarding, and all other activities on the water. We DO NOT provide life jackets for the swimming beach.



Do you have group discounts?

We do have discounts for 30 people and above.


Is parking free?

Yes parking is free. Space is subjected to availability (first come, first served). 


What is the attire?

Swimsuits (board shorts, bikinis, speedos, etc.) can be worn. We do HIGHLY recommend the use of rash guards and/or swim leggings. can be worn. Clothing with buttons, zippers, or any sharp objects such earrings, watches or rings are prohibited ONLY WHEN on the Inflatable Island itself since it might damage the inflatables. However, you may wear whatever you desire on shore.


Is the Inflatable Island Challenging?

There will be an area for beginners or children’s as well as more challenging ones. We recommend everyone to go at their own pace.


Is there food and drinks inside the beach?

Yes, we have a lot of food and drink choices offered inside the beach.

Outside food and drink is not allowed.

Exemption: Baby formula milk, Milk/Water inside feeding bottles


Bringing in of cooking equipment such as LPG, Butane, rice cooker, and griller is not allowed.

Is there a first aid area?

Yes, there is a designated first aid area in the beach.


Is there seating or shades inside the park?

Yes, we offer exclusive areas with umbrellas and beanbags for guests of the Inflatable Island.

Does the park ever close because of weather?

We are open rain or shine, however if we see lightning in the area, wind warnings, strong typhoons or upon the advise of the Philippine Coast Guard, we are liable to close.

Is there a place to store my belongings inside the park?

We have lockers for rent inside the park. 


Can I smoke?

We DO NOT allow tobacco products of any kind inside the park. You are welcome to smoke in the parking lot.


Refund & Rescheduling policy?

All bookings are final and non-refundable. If you are unable to make it, we can offer you RESCHEDULING instead. Please note that RESCHEDULING is subject to a PHP 200 rescheduling fee per person. After that, unused slots after 7 days of booked date will be considered forfeited.


I lost something what should I do?

We keep a lost and found basket behind our front desk for a short period of time and if you provide a detailed description of the item we will return it to you. Any item lost in the water will not be retrieved.


I want to do a photoshoot inside the park, is it allowed?

For special arrangements, you may contact our staff at 09563697170.

Who are prohibited to play at the floating playground?
Kids below 3.5 feet, pregnant woman, people who underwent minor and major surgeries and people under the influence of alcohol are prohibited to play at the floating playground for safety reasons.

We'd like to partner or sponsor the biggest floating playground in Asia, how can we get in touch with you? 

That's going to be easy - simply email us at for more details. 

Health and Safety Standard for pool usage


In accordance with our commitment to maintaining the highest health and safety standards at our pool facility, we hereby emphasize the mandatory requirement for all children aged 4 and under to wear a swim diaper before entering the pool area.


The use of swim diapers for young children is vital in preventing any unfortunate accidents that could compromise the hygiene and enjoyment of our pool facilities. By adhering to this policy, we collectively contribute to a clean and safe environment for all swimmers.


Penalties for Non-Compliance with the Health and Safety Standards:


1. Non-compliance with Swim Diaper Policy: A penalty of P2,000 will be applied to parents or guardians who fail to ensure that their children aged 4 and under are wearing appropriate swim diapers before entering the pool area.

2. Defecating in the Pool and Pool Area: A penalty of P50,000 will be imposed on any individual responsible for defecating in the pool or pool areas. Such a severe penalty is necessary to underscore the significance of maintaining proper hygiene and to cover the considerable costs of pool closure, sanitization, and disruption to other patrons.


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